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Crooked Christmas
Witch Trials

Plague Bringer: Curse of the Black Witch

One word can describe the gruesome trials within Salem, 1692 - Misdirection. Each day, innocent women would be hung, mocked by spectators. Some were burned at the stake, the smell of charred flesh and smoked blood filling the air. Women would be snatched from their villages and lodges, accused of hexing or chanting to the devil for power. However, when all of this was happening, the real witches of Salem were busy at work. Evil takes its toll on flesh and blood, therefore the witches would have twisted skin/mutated bodies. The most prevalent practice of these witches was kidnapping children by brainwashing them with spells of charm and beauty. Once within their grasp, they would carve the flesh off of their youthful bones, slowly pick out their eyes, burn their inner organs for feasting and future hexes. Humans that would interrupt or accuse the witches would be brainwashed into seeing them as harmless florists, hence leaving them alone. But their interruption would not go unpunished. The people would soon return to their homes to see their own children slicing at their arms, laughing out the window. Some even would be seen thrashing around, a rope tied to their neck and attached to the ceiling. The witches of Salem were powerful and sinister. The death of the innocent that would occur just made them grow more aroused at their sick rituals and dark practice.

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Forbidden Family

Deep within the woods of Upstate New York was a lone house. Its exterior was disheveled and rotting, trees around it growing old. However, what lived within the house is truly more rotten than anything else ever discovered. A family containing a mother, father, and three children. Their bodies were mutated, the smell of dead meat and fecal matter emitted off of them. Inbreeding was a simple thing of urban legends, or so it seemed. The mother and father, who were also siblings, fell deeply in love. This love soon led to three, monstrous children. Their brains were not fully developed, their bodies all horrifyingly deformed. Abuse, sexual assault,  and cannibalism all occured within this lovely home hidden from society. The female of the family, Momma Misty, slipped into a depression as her ability to have children was taken from her. Now, she craves revenge, willing to take anyone that stumbles onto the land. And along with the help of her strong, demented family, she knows she will be able to get her way.

Forbidden Family
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